We started out small

Remembering a special and unforgettable time. On the 8th of June 1994, 27 years ago, Kim’s Nails first opened for business. In the month of June this year, 2021, we are celebrating 27 years of service. Previously, during past anniversary celebrations, we gave a gift to all our loyal customers who came to shop for services on the first week of June, usually from the 2nd to the 7th. In a letter addressed to them, I also expressed my deepest appreciation and gratitude to my customers.

Today I am updating my letter:

“Thank you to all my customers over the past 27 years who helped make Kim’s Nails & Spa – through thick and thin – the success that it is today. You have all become part of my heart. To those who moved away, I especially enjoyed seeing you and hearing about your lives when you came back to town to visit.

I am grateful to my current customers who have stood by my side all these years as well as those trying us out for the first time. I pray for special blessings for my customers who have passed on; they too helped in building a strong foundation for my shop. Precious memories of those times we’ve spent together are with me forever.

Thank you to those who have worked in my shop through the years. Many came to learn and grow, while others came with valuable experiences to share. Each of you placed and left a piece of yourself into Kim’s Nails & Spa. I truly appreciate and cherish the times we spent together as friends and as co-workers.

We have watched each other’s children grow from babies to high school and from high school to college graduates – and even when they wed. We have tried to support each other’s children through sales of cookies, promotion of products, contributions to the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, school trips, and other charitable events. Thanks for supporting me and my family as well.”

Signed /Kim Che


We love it when our customers admire our floral arrangements. The flowers come from our family garden. These lovingly arranged fresh and bright flowers are our way of greeting and welcoming you to our shop. Welcome to Kim’s Nails & Spa! Prepare to be pampered!

Although over the past few years Kim’s Nails & Spa may have morphed into a much larger shop from its humble beginnings, our guiding goal and wish remain consistently the same and unchanged:

To offer you, our customers a variety of experiences catering to your needs with prices that are locally affordable, reasonable, and competitive. We want to provide you with services to suit your time frame – quickly and economically – as in the original shop. We want to provide you a more lengthy, luxurious experience using specially selected products to pamper yourself in the newer Spa side of the shop.