My Goodness, Where Has Time Gone?

It seems like in the blink of an eye, the year 2020 came and passed by at supersonic speed – in a blur. Perhaps because in the midst of an unexpected pandemic, the year just slipped away mostly unnoticed until it was just a mere memory.

Now we remember.

First, the COVID-19 caused closings, followed by the gradual issuance of stringent personnel health and safety requirements that needed to be observed, practiced, and implemented. We assiduously followed all the rules imposed – to the letter, while reassuring you, our customers, that we will be back though in a limited capacity operation soon. Thank you for supporting and helping us claw our way through the darkest days.

Now it is 2021. We are open for business, decreed by our dear Governor, Governor DeSantis, as he declared open the state for business. God bless him, and God bless our customers who stuck with us through thick and thin.

Our New Year’s resolution includes our goal to make sure that we take care of our customers better than ever before – in our service offerings, our rates, in the quality of our service, and in making sure that your health and safety come first.

The new NInja look, Oy Vey!

The masks remain.

But, masks notwithstanding, come on by.

Make an appointment, do something.

And welcome back.

See you soon!