SPA room

Our facilities present a friendly atmosphere, clean, and comfortable.

Accented by our excellent personal services, we keep our surroundings and equipment meticulously sanitized, wiped, polished, dust free and tidy.

The needs of our customers, their comfort and relaxation is foremost on our minds – be it a



soothing massage, an invigorating arm rub, or even a very enjoyable manicure.

And don’t forget the friendly conversation. . .

Our store front covers just a small area but we keep it invitingly clean and festive to fit special occasions.

One thing you will notice right away. We love flowers. Bouquets of flowers.


Kim’s Flowers

Kim’s family grows a beautiful garden of flowers and flowering trees. That is where all the flowers and  arrangements come from – their local garden.

Come on in and have yourself a relaxing experience of a lifetime.

You walk to Kim’s Nails & Spa all tired and haggard from the day’s beat-down routine? You walk out a new person with a positive outlook, joy, and perspective.